1. What is the Online Agricultural Commodity Exchange all about?

The online agricultural exchange will connect farmers with the world. This will enable farmers to fully dispose their produce, whereas today they could loose most of their profit to middle men. It will also help prevent their goods from getting spoilt since buyers could off-take their produce even before harvest.

2. How do I list my produce?

  • Click on “Create a Listing” or “List Product”
  • Choose a Product, fill in other relevant data and upload a picture
  • Agree to the terms and conditions then click “complete listing”

3. What kind of produce can I list?

One can list crops, livestock and fishery

4. Is this platform restricted to only people in Kogi State?

No, it is open to every farmer in Nigeria. Although developed by Kogi State Agricultural Development Project, it is open to everyone..

5. Is listing free?


6. Most Rural Farmers don’t have internet access, what do they do?

They can contact their extension agents, friends or relatives to help out. A listing can be done even with a mobile phone once you have internet connection. The strategy in Kogi State is for extension agents to help farmers list their produce.